• Name: Jim & Myra Currie
  • Phone: 0408906930 or 0407478924
  • Email: curriepark@bigpond.com
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  • Town/Suburb: Pinjarra
  • State/Province: Western Australia
  • Country: Australia

Curriepark Fold have been breeding this majestic breed for many years. These hardy animals, originating in the highlands of Scotland are a versatile breed. In common with Highland cattle breeders in Scotland, we love our shaggy beasties.

Curriepark Fold brings a small part of Scotland to Western Australia with our Highland Cattle and Highland Ponies. Arriving in Australia in 1968, both from farming backgrounds in Scotland, we established our stud in Pinjarra after some years working in other fields. Some English friends obtained some Highland cattle and we couldn't stand by and allow them to be developed by the Sassenachs (English) alone. This inspired us to develop this majestic breed in Australia. Our journey began with importing a few cows from Victoria and a bull from Tasmania.

Curriepark is dedicated to promoting the breed and we regularly attend promotional displays, both for enjoyment and to help raise awareness and interest in the breed. We are members of the Highland Cattle Society and Jim was on council for seven years and is always ready to help any one interested in this majestic breed.

For stock enquiries, please contact either Jim or Myra. Contact us for information on our other passion... Highland Ponies 

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