Specialising in one of Irelands oldest naturally miniature cow. Producing beef and milk on naturally growing australian cool and warm seasoned native grasses. So docile they are great lawn ornaments

The little known hardy and docile Dexter is a fantastic all rounder producing high quality milk, cheese, butter, ice-cream etc for the home and / or filling the family freezer with small cuts of beautifully marbled dark tender meat.

Dexters are the perfect breed to just-have-around as lawn ornaments / mowers and / or for those who have never owned cattle before.

Consuming considerably less grass than standard size breeds and with their long history for docile personalities and great ease in calving; the hardy Dexter makes a perfect addition whatever the reason.

Under the stud prefix of Donlin, the keeping with ancient Irish tradition is extremely important and is reflected in our closed herd of horned,  all three solid colour Dexters displaying both dwarf and non-dwarf characteristics.

With the exception of a few: our Dexters produce 100% A2 milk.

We DNA test for: parent verification, A2 milk protein, dwarf and non-dwarf, and for colour including dun.

Our foundation Dexters tested PHA free making Donlin's calves PHA free by inheritance.

We welcome all enquiries from those who are seeking more information on the breed, those who wish to be Dexter owners, and from those who are expanding herds of these very addictive midget-moos.

Please feel free to contact us for a farm visit even if you are only thinking about Dexters too.