The Alpaca Breeding Book will help alpaca owners learn about alpaca behavior and how they reproduce. This book will serve as a guide and it will help you get your female alpacas pregnant.

The Alpaca Breeding Book, Alpaca Reproduction and Behavior includes everything you need to know about breeding alpacas.

This alpaca book started out as a reference book for breeders having difficulty getting their females pregnant.  As you may already know, alpacas breed different than other livestock.  I want to help breeders understand alpaca behavior and how it affects their ability to reproduce.  The book has grown into so much more as we share many years of experience breeding hundreds of alpacas.

Our alpaca book includes the many factors affecting reproduction in females and males such as behavior, health, hormones, stress, wormers, weather and more.  We also include information on nutrition, breeding strategies, herd sire selection, proven breeding schedule, and pregnancy testing.

This breeding book was written after so many emails sent to us, for the past 12 years, from many breeders around the world asking questions about breeding alpacas.  If you are new to alpacas I know this book will be very helpful and a great reference tool.  You will gain insight as to what is normal and what isn't within normal range so you know when to seek help from your veterinarian.

This book will answer many questions for example:

  • When is the best time to breed?
  • How soon can I breed my female alpaca after she delivers her cria?
  • How often can a male alpaca breed ?
  • What is Estrumate and how should it be used?
  • My female alpaca is open but she doesn't want to breed.  What do we do?
  • Can males and females run together?
  • What are the risks of transporting a pregnant female in the last trimester of pregnancy?

This alpaca book answers all of the questions mentioned above as well as many more. We wish you all many successful breeding seasons and a brighter future raising alpacas.  If you have any questions or if we can be of any help you are welcome to visit us on our blog or join us on facebook.  Thank you! ~ KD

The Alpaca Breeding Book can be purchased with free shipping from the Book Depository