• Name: Dairy Goat Society of Western Australia
  • Phone: 0406 426 744
  • Email: keren.muthsam@uwa.edu.au
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  • State/Province: Western Australia
  • Country: Australia
  • Website: http://dgswa.webs.com/

If you own a goat or are interested in learning more about goatkeeping, you are invited to join the Dairy Goat Society of Western Australia. The Society promotes the raising of the standards of breeding and keeping of all breeds of dairy goats.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dairy Goats here in Western Australia. Our aims are to promote information and assistance to existing and potential owners of purebred dairy goats. Our society enjoys promoting knowledge and assistance to those people lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of owning dairy goats. They provide wonderful milk and the products that come from it such as cheeses, yoghurt butter and soap. We also have much fun and fellowship, including showing our animals and all that entails.

In the last couple of years the Dairy Goat Society of WA has gained a number of new members.

In today's hectic, high speed world getting back to country style pursuits has to be rewarding to many areas of life. With dairy goats we have animals who are wonderfully affectionate, clean, mostly easy to care for and importantly able to supply us with seriously healthy milk, which has so many advantages over cows milk it is almost unbelievable. From the milk it is pretty easy to make a range of cheeses, soaps, butter and cream. It opens up a whole new world of food recipes. The writer of this article has become quite proficient in the cheese department!! His soap could use some attention in the presentation department, however hand made goat's milk soap is wonderful in terms of its softness, and the improvement to complexion as a result of using it. It is also very economical a good batch can last for months.

Whilst we are a small society we have a very enthusiastic membership who really enjoy raising, breeding, and caring for those wonderful animals, dairy goats. We are also part of a larger national group "The Dairy Goat Society of Australia"

Many members attend country and city agricultural shows in order to have their animals judged against others in their breed and class and also across all breeds. The shows are a great day out for the whole family with many excited children enjoying the spectacle and also often participating in junior handler classes. There's nothing quite so satisfying as seeing your well loved goat being awarded a ribbon or better still a trophy and sometimes MONEY !!

We are a very social group and we have developed many wonderful friendships within our membership. Not only do we show our animals at shows which have points awarded towards Australian Champion status, but also we arrange a number of social events. This year 2006/7 we have visited Kervella Cheeses as a group, we have had field days comprising social and learning aspects. They are often called GAB FESTS, due to the very high level of information being transferred, from good old gossip, to advice and assistance with various aspects of goatkeeping. Newer members get a ton of support.

Members of our society receive the Australian Goat World Magazine and the WA Goatkeeper magazine. They have access to milk testing which can lead to established milk records and various nationally recognised awards.

Membership Details

To enable you to register and show dairy goats, you must be a member of the Dairy Goat Society of Australia (DGSA). You will then automatically be a member of the Dairy Goat Society in your state. Members of the Dairy Goat Society of Western Australia (DGSWA) are able to purchase publications and general merchandise cheaper than non-members. Members are also able to participate in any dairy goat workshops held by the DGSWA. These workshops are very educational and provide the novice to the experienced dairy goat keeper with advice and information on the many facets of keeping, breeding and showing dairy goats.                                                         

Membership Type Cost inc. GST

Ordinary membership including the Australian Goat World  - $82.50

Ordinary membership excluding the Australian Goat World  - $61.60

Junior membership including the Australian Goat World - $51.70

Junior membership excluding the Australian Goat World - $31.90

Australian Goat World Subscription (for Australian non-members) -  $33.00

Australian Goat World Subscription (for overseas non-members) - $44.00

W.A. GoatKeeper Subscription (for non-members) - $20.00

Prefix Fee (on new memberships and only if required) and late fee - $22.00