THE CAVY RESCUE NETWORK is a large group of like minded people involved in helping each other rescue guinea pigs all over Australia.

Anyone with guinea pig rescue in mind can be a part of the CRN, it is not exclusive. However to join the contact list you must be invited or referred to by a current member. This is to ensure that you have some guinea pig knowledge and are capable of rehoming any guinea pigs that you may rescue to appropriate homes.

If you are not known by a current member, please join us on FACEBOOK so we can get to know you. The CRN is an email contact list and your private details will remain private, contact phone numbers will only be used in an emergency only.

If you are in neither of these categories and just want to help, please don't hesitate to contact the CRN anyway, we can always use the help, even in a limited capacity. Once you are known to us you will be invited to join.

The Cavy Rescue Network runs via email contact.

If you would like to be apart of The Cavy Rescue Network please email with the following details;

Full name,

Contact phone number,


A brief description of how you are able to help should be included.

Shelters Australia wide are encouraged to become involved in the CRN to present a united front in guinea pig rescue & rehabilitation. The CRN may also have contacts in your area to help with fostering and transport.

Individuals are NEEDED to join The CRN. Without the work of individuals the guinea pigs cannot be rescued & rehomed. Even if you can only foster 1 guinea pig at a time, or cannot foster any but can offer support in the form of transporting guinea pigs to and from the rescue source/shelter/foster carer, then we want to hear from you!

The CRN is able to list its contacts adoptables on websites on behalf of foster carers, as well as promote the shelters that are a part of the CRN.  There are many things that can be achieved through the CRN, the sky's the limit!