Before worming your horse you need to complete a series of steps outlined below which will teach your horse to enjoy the worming process.

You need to be able to touch your horse's nose all over. He needs to be happy and not try to get away from you petting his nose. If you can't rub your horse's nose you need to work on that before thinking of worming. Touch his nose, and if he tries to get away just keep your hands on his face until he stops trying to move away. When he relaxes by putting his head down or sighing, with you touching his nose, then you will stop, petting it and let him know that all he had to do was relax and let you pet his nose.

After you get him good with you petting his nose, get a large empty syringe and do the same thing with it. Just get him to where he can have it rubbed all over his face and nose and be relaxed. Then put some apple sauce in your syringe, at room temperature. You don't want it to cold.

When worming, you want to hold your horse's halter by the piece that goes over the bridge of his nose with your left hand. With your right hand holding the syringe, gently put it in the corner of your horse's mouth and point it way back into his mouth. Then squirt it in. Before trying this with the actual wormer, use this method to give your horse some of the apple sauce  Do this for a few weeks once or twice a day. If you give him this good tasting stuff for a week he is going to start opening his mouth and hoping you are going to give him that stuff in the syringe. Then after he is starting to really enjoy getting his good stuff take some real wormer out and give it to him. Once you have squirted the wormer in, pull the syringe out, and then put your hand under your horse's jaw to hold his head up high until you hear him swallow the wormer. You do not need to hold the horses head really high - just a little higher than his withers. If you do not hold the head up high, your horse can put his head down and spit out the wormer. Once you hear him swallow the wormer let his head down, then after a few hours go out again and give him the good stuff!

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