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Avian Diet and Nutrition Articles

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Avian Nutrition

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Converting from Seed to Pellets

Avian Diet and Nutrition Articles
Vetafarm - Dr Tony Gestier

Some birds take to pellets very easily, but others will need a little more persuading. Below are a few simple steps that can help with stubborn birds.

FAMILIARISE! Always feed the birds from the same dish, DO NOT change feed containers when introducing a new food. Birds relate their normal dish to food.

MIX IT UP! When introducing pellets for the first time, add a small amount of hot water to the pellets until sticky and mix with the normal seed diet at an initial rate of about 50:50 to form a seed/pellet dough.

SQUASH IT! Push this mix into the bottom of the bird's normal feed bowl, the birds will initially try to pick through the mix to obtain the seed.
This process is used only to give the bird a taste for the pellets and to recognise the pellets as a food source.

BE CONSISTENT! Continue this system for several days, then slowly reduce the seed content in the mix, after around ten days add just pellet dough mix to the feed container and two days after that just dry pellets and that should be that!

MONITOR! Keep a close eye on your birds during the process and make sure they are still feeding, once the conversion process is complete, you can relax with the peace of mind that your bird is getting the best nutrition available for a long and healthy life!!

Converting any bird from a seed diet to Vetafarm complete pellets has proven health benefits.
• Vetafarm Pellets are completely edible, so waste is reduced substantially.
• Vetafarm Pellets are balanced diets formulated by Veterinarians and nutritionists specifically for the unique dietary requirements of native and exotic birds.
• Vetafarm Pellets promote better plumage, wellbeing, stronger immuno defence and better all round health and breeding success.


  • Galah pair.
    Galah pair.
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    Western Rosella