Target training is the first recommended behaviour to teach a cat, it is the FOUNDATION BLOCK from which we can progress on and teach many more behaviours. It is a straight forward and simple behaviour which involves clicking the cat for touching an object. Cats are usually naturally inquisitive of new things placed in front of them, so all we need to do is to capture this inquisitiveness and click as soon as the cat touches the item & reward with a treat the cat really enjoys. Mine like chicken and natures menu cat treats.

As an introduction to clicker training targeting is excellent for building up the cats knowledge, confidence and understanding of offering behaviours for rewards.

I start with the target stick. If your cat lacks interest in checking it out, just give it a gentle wiggle to get the cats attention. I progress this on to hand targeting so that the cat learns to listen more to my body language and then progress on to targeting other objects, so that I can also use this as a method to teach my cat distance work.

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